Child Neurology Services

Evaluations, Assessments, and Treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders

Pediatric Neurology

Pantea Sharifi Hannauer, MD

Child Neurology
Board Certified by the American Academy of Psychiatry and Neurology

We specialize in providing care to children with developmental disorders, behavioral challenges, ADHD, epilepsy, headaches, cerebral palsy and a variety of other conditions. Our services include:

Our thorough evaluation process may take up to 4 visits to complete, including and obtaining a thorough medical and family history, a neurological evaluation and neuro-developmental/neuro-psychological testing.

Comprehensive Developmental &

Comprehensive assessment of cognitive and behavioral functions

Comprehensive Developmental & Neuropsychological Testing

We conduct comprehensive neuropsychological, developmental, psychoeducational, and psychological assessments (testing) of young children, adolescents and adults. Pediatric Minds works collaboratively with pre- and post-doctoral training programs fostering the development of excellence to clinicians of the future. We have extensive experience working with and engaging populations from diverse backgrounds. This kind of testing is critical for the diagnoses of any of the following conditions:

This information can be critical in figuring out why a child may be struggling in school or academically and how to help your child.

Developmental testing is usually done in children under the age of 5 yrs and provides a clear understanding of your child’s speech, motor and social emotional skills. Based on these results, you can then initiate intensive early interventions for your child to improve upon their development.